at Morehouse College is committed to high caliber research through a strengths-based

personality psychology lens.  The Lab explores expressions of identity balance through

the authentic engagement of varied contexts and personal narratives.  We utilize

identity orchestration, conceptualized as the negotiated balance of identities

(Rice, 2008; 2012), as a theoretical and methodological framework, and stress a

transdisciplinary studies approach.  Developing a research scientist identity is the core

expectation of members in our lab.  Both nomothetic and idiographic approaches to

knowledge are stressed, and there is emphasis placed on the utilization of multiple

worldviews.  IORL studies are designed to impact community in both broad and narrow

spaces.  They are also positioned as opportunities for our researchers to develop critical

thinking, reading and writing skills that will serve them in the deep study of psychology

and beyond.  For Lab inquiries please email



Patrick Bentley

Bryant Berry

Pierre Clark

Jacque-Corey Cormier

Gregory Davis

Rodrigus Graham

Ian Harrell

William Marcel Hayes

Frank Jackson, III

Jason Jones

Carlton Lewis

Brielle McDaniel

Donovan X. Ramsey

Malachi Richardson

David Robinson

Robert Shannon

Chastity Wells