Born in Washington, DC, living elementary school years in Los Angeles, California and coming of age in Arlington, Texas, David calls on a diverse set of experiences in situating his work as an educator, writer and research scientist. 

David is associate professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology at Morehouse College. At the College he also leads the Identity Orchestration Research Lab and serves as faculty for the Cinema, Television and Emerging Media Studies (CTEMS) program.

David graduated from Morehouse with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, earned a Masters degree in Journalism from Columbia University, a Doctorate in Personality Psychology from Howard University and did post-Doctoral study with a joint appointment at the College Board and Teachers College, Columbia University. 

Having recently completed service as Embedded Scholar for The Gordon Commission on the Future of Assessment in Education, David’s present research looks at theoretical considerations of identity and the self across varying contexts, and the psychology of strength as informed by study in Israel, Haiti, Ghana and South Africa.  An emphasis on “the positive” is an approach that informs David’s work in identity development that finds root in youth culture, music culture, media, politics, psychology and faith. 

In addition to social critique and commentary across media outlets, David is writing a second book, Visible Man: Emcees, identity and the psychology of hip-hop narratives.